District Hqr. & Sub-Divisions

District headquarter :

Dimapur is the district headquarter, administratively headed by the Deputy commissioner. Considered as the Gateway to Nagaland, is also linked by the only airport and railway head of the state. It is the largest city and also the commercial capital of the state.

Key contacts :

  • Shri. Sachin Jaiswal, IAS,  DC : 03862- 237247, 9717824814 
  • PA to DC : 03862-248530 (office)
  • Shri. Rothihu Tetseo, Commissioner of Police :03862-225519, 03862-225455 (FAX)
  • Smti. Mhalo Humtsoe, ADC Hq : 9436013739
  • Shri. Thejavizo Nakhro, Revenue Officer Hq : 9402831878
  • Shri. Hotolu Sema, SDO ( C) Sadar : 7005851632 
  • Shri. L Samuel, SDO ( C) Development
  • Shri.  Yanthungbemo Kikon, SDO ( C) Establishment : 8415085034
  • Shri. Nukshimatong, EAC Sadar : 8974194177
  • Smti. Khiuzan Kaurinta, EAC Hq, 9366002906

Medziphema sub-division:

Medziphema is a sub-division in Dimapur district, Nagaland state, India. and was formerly known as Ghaspani, which literally would mean ‘water from the plant/tree’.

Medziphema sub-division comprises of 22 villages ( view  villages) and is administratively headed by Additional Deputy Commissioner and assisted by one Extra Assistant commissioner. Its sub-division headquarter is located 44 kms from the State capital, Kohima and 33 kms from district headquarter,  along the National highway- NH-29.

Medziphema altitude is about 360 m above the sea level.   Medziphema sub-division is also known for its succulent pineapples.

Medziphema Sub-Office (Pincode :797106), situated in Medziphema town, Opp. Weekly Bazaar Complex,is assisted by 10 Branch offices covering all the villages in the sub-division.

Medziphema sub-division falls under DCP Zone-I. Medziphema police station is located at Medziphima town and two out-posts located at Kukidolong & Piphema outpost.

Key Contacts :

  • ADC, Medziphema : Shri.Imsongmeren, 03862-247240/234095, 7005247819
  • SDO Medziphema : Shri. Tokai V Sumi, 8837018182
  • Medziphema Comunity Health Centre : Dr. N. Sezo 9856930818
  • Medziphema town Police Station : 7085055023
  • Piphema Town Police outpost : 7085065051

Dhansiripar sub-division:

Dhansiripar is a sub-division under Dimapur district that consists of 24 villages ( view villages ). The sub-division is administratively headed by  Sub-divisional Officer (Civil). Major tribes of the sub-division consist of Dimasa Kachari, Sema, Angami and other Naga tribes in minority. The river Dhansiri flows throughout the sub-division, from Manglumukh onwards.  Farming is the main occupation of the people of this sub-division.

The sub-division  falls under DCP Zone-II and has one police outpost.

Key contacts :

  • Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil) : Shri. Berimong : 8974613519
  • Dhansiripar Police Out-Post: 7085065053
  • Dhansiripar Community Health Centre :Dr. Moatemjen – 8131812550

Niuland sub-division:

Niuland sub-division under Dimapur district is administratively headed by Additional Deputy Commissioner. There are 47 villages ( view villages ), under this sub-division.

There is one Branch Post Office (Delivery Office) covering the Niuland sub-division (PIN Code: 797112). The sub-division Police Station falls under the DCP Zone-II.

Key contacts :

  • Additional Deputy Commissioner,  Smti. Athrila.S : 03862-265323/265247 , 8974938787
  • Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil), Wacy Kent : 9436060760
  • EAC Waridin : 7085949791
  • Niuland town Police Station :  7085055025
  • Niuland Primary Health Centre: Dr Kavito 9436007825

Kuhuboto sub-division:

Kuhuboto sub-division is administratively headed by  Sub-divisional Officer (Civil), and  consists of 24 villages ( view villages ).

This sub-division has one Branch Post Office (Delivery Office) [PIN Code: 797116], which caters to the need of the people of this area. It is located under Dimapur Bazar taluk of Dimapur district. There is one Police Outpost under this sub-division, which falls under the Diphupar Police Station. This Outpost falls under the DCP Zone-I.

Key contacts :

  • Sub-Divisional Officer ( Civil) Kuhuboto, Anoka Assumi: 8974568725
  • Kuhuboto Police Out-Post :7085065052
  • Kuhuboto Primary Health Centre :Dr Caroline -9436274860